Acorde de He Is Your Brother - Abba

Letra de He Is Your Brother

Inrto chord  A7 (x02223 or x02020) 

(VERSE 1 ) (A)I was a fight(D)er always (A)looking for trou(D)ble

And my (A)life was so emp(D)ty, there was (A)nothing left to (E)live for

(D) (A)But then it (D)happened one (A)night as I got (D)into a fight(A)

I could (D)hear someone say(C#m)ing as (Dmaj7)though he was pray(Dm)ing

Aaaahhh (A) (E7sus4)(E7

(A)Treat him well, he is your (E7)brother

You might need his help one day(A)

We depend on one an(E7)other

Love him, that's the only way(A)

On the road(Dm) (on the road) that we're go(A)ing

We all need(Dm) (we all need) words of (A)comfort and compas(E7)sion

(A)Treat him well, he is your brother(E7)


Love him, that's the only way(A) (C) (D) (A)

(VERSE 2 )I was a woman never thinking of others

And my life was so lonely, didn't care for anybody

But then I happened to meet a begging man in the street

As I turned down his praying I heard someone saying

(Chorus x2)

C#m x46654

Dmaj7 x00222 or x57675

E7sus4 020200

E7 020100

Dm xx0231 or x57765

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