Acorde de Grace Is Gone - Jamie Cullum

Letra de Grace Is Gone


Can't find all the words yet


It's still not the time yet


And my mind can't think of anything

____________Db_________ Ab

it only sees you


You know I am trying


God knows I am trying


And why does the wind keeps shouting out

___________ Db_________ Ab

it's still not over


I keep on trying

__________ Ebm7

I think I'm learning

_________ Ab______________ F#

To live in hearts you leave behind


is not to die, Grace


Can't find the right place



Is there a right place?

____________ F#

Where I can make it all make sense somehow


and face tomorrow


I keep on trying


I think I'm learning


To live in hearts you leave behind


is not to die, Grace

______________ Db

The world go 'round some


We move along some

___________ Ab_______________ F#

To live in hearts of theirs and mine

_________ Db______________Ab

is not to die 


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Discos en los que aparece este acorde: The Pursuit (Deluxe Edition)

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