Acorde de Good One Comin' On - Blackberry Smoke

Letra de Good One Comin' On


Two six packs of Shiner


99 cent butane lighter

D G,.-

Lucky Strikes and a fifth of Patron


Ice down that Igloo cooler


Tank of gas that autuh do er'

D G,.-

I can feel a good one comin'on

Throw in Ray Wylie Hubbard

Sing along to "Redneck Mother"

Any blues I had before are gone

Another workin' week is over

No chance of stayin' sober

I can feel a good one comin' on



C G,.- D

Yea we're gonna roll all night

C G,.- D

We're gonna get the feelin' right

C G,.- D Em C

We're gonna keep this party rockin' till the break of dawn

C D G,.-

I can feel a good one comin' on

Three blondes in a rag top Mustang

Followed us down to the lake and...

Didn't have to think about that too long

Skinny dippin' in the bright moonlight

Situation couldn't be more right

I can feel a good one comin' on


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