Acorde de Faithfully - Journey

Letra de Faithfully

Highway (B)run (Badd9 Bsus4 B)  

Into the (G#m)midnight sun

(E)Wheels go round and round you're on my (B)mind

Restless (B)hearts (Badd9 Bsus4 B)

Sleep (G#m)alone through the night

Se(E)nding all my love

Along the (B)wi(F#)re


They (E)say that the road ain't no (G#m)

place to start a (B)family (Bsus4)(B)

Right(E) down the (G#m) line its been you and (B)me

And (E)loving a music man ain't (G#m) always what its supposed to (B)be

Oh (F#) girl (F#)stand by (F#)me

I'm (C#m)forever (E)yours (B)faithfully

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