Acorde de Esme - Joanna Newsom

Letra de Esme

(F)I can (C)fe - (Dm)el A (Bb)di - (F)fference, to(C)day A (Bb)differ(F)ence

(F)All of (C)us, (Dm)in our (Bb)tents(F), fearing (C)god like a (Bb)mist(F)ress

We (F)lay on the (C)rocks (Dm)in the (Bb)su - (F)un watching (C)you and your (Bb)mama row (F)in

I (F)sat up and (C)blinked when (Dm)you ap(Bb)pear - (F)ed, so (C)pale you were (Bb)nearly (F)clear

(F)Later I (C)stumbled (Dm)to my (Bb)be - (F)ed, all A(C)lone in the (Bb)bran - (F)ches

I (F)lay in the (C)dark (Dm)thinking a(Bb)bout (F)all of my (C)friends and their (Bb)cha - (F)nges

(Am)And I do not (Dm)know if (Bb)yo - (G)ou (Eb)know just (Bb)what you have (F)done

(Am)You were the sweetest (Dm)o - (Bb)o - (G)one I have (Eb)ever laid (Bb)my eyes u(F)pon

It's A (F)beautiful (C)town with the (Dm)rain coming (Bb)down

(G)Blackberry (Eb)rosemary, (Bb)jimmy-crack-(F)corn


You've got the (F)run of the (C)place now that you're (Dm)running a(Bb)round

And may (F)kindness, (Eb)kindness, (Bb)kindness A(F)bound

The rest of the songs consists of these three sections repeated, until the end:

(F)Sweet Es(G)me, (Bb)sweet Es(F)me - (G)E - (Eb)e - (Bb)e - (F)e

(F)Sweet Es(G)me, (Bb)sweet Es(F)me - (G)e - (Eb)e - (Bb)e - (F)e

(F)Sweet Es(G)me, (Bb) Es(F)me - (G)e - (Eb)e - (Bb)e - (F)e

(F)Sweet Es(G)me, (Bb)sweet Es(F)me - (G)[e - (Eb)e - (Bb)e - (F)e

(G)Oh (Eb)Oh (Bb)Oh (F)Oh (G)Oh (Eb)Oh (Bb)Oh (F)Oh

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Discos en los que aparece este acorde: Have One On Me

El acorde de Esme de Joanna Newsom es una versión de la canción original realizada por colaboradores/usuarios de Coveralia.

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