Acorde de Epithaph - Judas Priest

Letra de Epithaph

intro: C F Am G C F Am G

C G C Am

The old man's sitting there, his head bowed down

F G#dim Am G

Every now and then he'll take a look around

F G Em Am

And his eyes reflect the memory-pain of years gone by

Am F G Dm G Em C F Am G

He can't regain nostalgic dreams he'll never see again

C G C Am

With trembling hands, he wipes a tear

F G#dim Am G

Many fall like rain, there's one for every year

F G Em Am

And his life laid out so clearly now, life that's brought death

Am F G Dm G Em C F Am G

So nearly now life once he clung to dearly now lets go

F Am G C

But spare a thought as you pass him by

Am G F

Take a closer look and you'll say

Am G C F Am G

He's our tomorrow, just as much as we are his yesterday

C G C Am

A lonely grave, and soon forgot

F G#dim Am G

Only wind and leaves lament his mournful song

F G Em

Yet they shout his epitaph out clear

Am Am F

For anyone who's passing near

G Dm G Em C

It names the person lying here as you

And you...and you...and you...

Letra subida por: Anónimo

Discos en los que aparece este acorde: Sad Wings Of Destiny (1984)

El acorde de Epithaph de Judas Priest es una versión de la canción original realizada por colaboradores/usuarios de Coveralia.

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