Acorde de Enola Gay - Conor Oberst

Letra de Enola Gay

Standard Tuning

Chords Used:
Em        - 022000
Bm        - x24432
C         - X32010
D         - XX0232
Am        - x02210

Listen to the recording for the strumming pattern.
If the slide chords are too difficult in the instrumental just play the e and B string portions.

Em                      Bm
He didn't give you that nickname
        C                           D
But you smile when he calls you the Enola Gay
          Am                       C
Turns the lights down low for your migraines
G                       D
And fetches what you've strewn
Em                         Bm
All around the room up and down the hall
C                      D
Asking for your Sodium Pentathol
   Am                           C           
So you can read aloud from your big tell-all
G                    D
Anecdotes in platitudes

C                         D
This world's mean getting meaner too
G                            C
So why'd you have to make it all about you
C                  D               Em
There's no harm in stepping to the side
           C                       D
Light your hurricane lamp when the sky grows dark
G                             C
The wind's pissed off and the sun's at large
C                          D                Em
What you've gotta do, it's just a matter of pride
          D                            C                G
Until you vanish like the rest, out of sight and out of mind

After Chorus Instrumental:



Em                     Bm
Working all day in the control room
        C                            D
Mashing Charles Manson songs up with Showtunes
    Am                           C
The feelings come quick but they leave as soon
     G                    D
Like music from a passing car
Em                                 Bm
It's crowded in the club where you meet your friends
C                             D
Try to save some room for the elephant
Am                             C
Every day's a chore and you're not done yet
    G                         D
You didn't think it'd be this hard

C                         D
The root's begun, we're a nervous crew
   G                            C
So why're you trying to make it all about you
C                     D               Em
It's not so bad, it's just a flash of light
           C                       D
Light your hurricane lamp when the sky goes dark
    G                     C
The rain's upset, it just falls apart
C                            D                Em
You will get your wish, it's just a matter of time
          D                            C                G
Until you vanish like the rest, out of sight and out of mind
          D                            C
Until you vanish like the rest, out of sight

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Discos en los que aparece este acorde: Upside Down Mountain

El acorde de Enola Gay de Conor Oberst es una versión de la canción original realizada por colaboradores/usuarios de Coveralia.

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