Acorde de Don't Cry Your Heart Out - Cody Simpson

Letra de Don't Cry Your Heart Out

Intro : E Ab C# B A E F# B 

E Ab

I'm back to put the sunshine in your mind,

C# B

cause I don't like the way he's got you raining all the time,


Put away your troubles by leaving him behind,

F# B

so every time you look up, clear blue sky,

E Ab

But here he comes again like a cloud in your view

C# B

blocking all of you light like only he could do,


Don't listen to his sorries girl drop him drop him,

F# B

he really needs to stop it, cause I'm your only topic now,



F# E B

With me you'll never end up in the same silly situations, no,

F# E B

don't you know that if you were to walk then i'll be here waiting,

E Ab C# B

Girl don't you cry your heart out, let me stop before you start out,

A E F#

Don't need his explanations, no,

B E Ab C# B

cause he don't really want to know about the way your feeling now,

A E F#

cause I'm the one who's here for you no doubt,


so don't you cry your heart out,

(Repete intro)

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