Acorde de Devil May Care - Jamie Cullum

Letra de Devil May Care

Intro: Fm Fism Fm Fism (two times)

Fm Fism Fm Fism

No cares for me, I'm happy as I can be

Fm Dm

I've learned to love and to live,

Db C

Devil may care

Fm Fism Fm Fism

No blues or woes whatever come later goes

Fm C

Thats how I take and I give,


Devil may care

B Bbm Eb Ab

When the day is through I suffer no regrets


B Bbm Eb Ab Abmaj7

I know that he who frets loses the night.

Abm Db7 Fismaj7

For only a fool thinks he can hold back the dawn,

Gm C7 Fmaj7

He who is wise never tries to revise what's past and gone

(break) Fm Fism

Live love today let come tomorrow what may

Fm Dm Db

Don't even stop for a sigh, it doesn't help when you cry,

Gm C7

That's why I live and I'll die,


Devil may care

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Discos en los que aparece este acorde: Pointless Nostalgic

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