Acorde de Deja Blue - Billy Ray Cyrus

Letra de Deja Blue

(E) Now she's walking out the door 

Sayin' she don't want me no more

As her (A) tires are a squealin'

Lord I get this funny feelin'

That I've (E) been in this position before

A (F#) different time another flame

Still it's (B) spooky how it seems the same

Deja (E) blue (B)

Deja (E) blue

Yeah (A) I'm feelin' pretty certain

That this cryin' and a hurtin'

Is (E) somethin' I've already been through

Oh (A) Lordy here I go again

(E) Tell me will it ever (C#7) end

Same ol' (F#) fool

Nothin' (B) new

Deja (E) blue

Now it (E) started in the second grade

With little blondie what's her name

I (A) toted all her books

And gave her long and gooshy looks

And all she (E) wanted was my brother Jay

That (F#) first time nearly done me in

But I've been (B) there a hundred times since then

Repeat Chorus Twice

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Discos en los que aparece este acorde: Storm In The Heartland , Achy Breaky Heart , The Definitive Collection

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