Acorde de Crazy Game - Indigo Girls

Letra de Crazy Game

* These are the chords as they are written in the sheet music, although I find

it much, much easier to play this song in D (instead of E). To play in D,

just play all the chords as if they were a whole step lower (e.g., B7 becomes

A7), and capo up two frets. Of course, it doesn't sound quite right that

way, but at least it's humanly possible.

* |'s separate measures.

* If there are two chords in one measure, each chord is half the measure,

save for the 2nd-to-last measure in the chorus (the A6 and Am6 are quarters),

and the 2nd-to-last measure of the song (the B7 and B7+5 are quarters).

B7(4) B7(-9+5) | Emaj9 | E9 | F#m9/E | Fmaj7 | E | C#7+5 | F#m9 | B7 B7+5 |


| Emaj9 | Bm9/E | A6 | FM7+11 |

Crazy game, I never should have started to play; But now you couldn't tear me

| E | C#7-9+5 | F#m9 | B B+ |

away; Love is sweet, sweet baby, so good to you, and so bad; And I

| Emaj9 | Bm9/E | A6 | FM7+11 |

swear, the situation's clear before my eyes; Confusion wants to break me & it

| E | C#7-9+5 | F#m9 | B9 |

tries; I've been a little bit stronger from the start; Listen to my heart

| Amaj7 | Am6 |

'Cause if you're ever believing I'm thinking of leaving, look to the

| G#m7 | C#7 |

moon, 'cause it's a fact: she may go wandering


| F#m7 G#m7 | Amaj7 A/B |

about, but she always comes shining back, and it's true

| Amaj9 G#m7 | F#7 A6 Am6 |

I'll wait for you

| E | C#7+9+5 | F#m9 | B7 B7+5 |


You dry your tears, don't be thinking grey is here to stay

Sometimes everything's in the way

You're wanting to look at it, turn your view around, dry your eyes

Eyes like yours should carry a smile, I haven't seen them sparkle in a while

Give it one more try, dry your eyes

'Cause if you're ever believing I'm thinking of leaving

Look to the moon, 'cause it's a fact

She may go wandering about, but she always comes shining back, and it's true

I'll wait for you

| E | C#7+9+5 | Em9 B7 B7+5 | Emaj9 .


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