Acorde de Careless Love - Ray Charles

Letra de Careless Love

*=use pinky on the B string to augment the 7th chords

( ) interesting mods for guitar

Sound pretty good with a slow bluesy finger pick style.


G#7 D#9 G#7 ( C#9 G#7* )

Well I said love, oh love, oh careless love

G#7 E#9 A#7* D#9

I said love, Woh love, Woh careless love.

G#7 G#7* C#9 G7* G#7

love, please tell me what have i done

G#7 D#9 G#7 ( C#9 G#7 D#9 )

for you to hurt me all in fun


well you know that i once, was blind, but now i see

i said that i once, was blind, but now i see

well you know i once, was blind, but i'm so glad, i'm so glad i see

that that old love, has made a, fool of me


well you know what, a big fool, i have been

let me it say it what, a big fool, i have been

let me me say it what, oh what a big fool, that i have been

but i'd be, i'd be one, all over again


well you know if i can mmmmmm, like a morning dove

if i could mmmmm, like a morning dove

well if i could moan, if i could moan, like a mo'ning dove

you know i'd moan, for every, one in love


that's why i say love, whoowhooowhoooaa love, careless love...

whoooa i say, love oh love careless love

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