Acorde de Can't Stop A River - Guy Sebastian

Letra de Can't Stop A River

Intro: Eb G#/F Bb/G G# G#/Bb

Eb G#/F Bb/G

Gone are the days of mistakes

G# G#/Bb Eb

I give everything if everything is what it takes

Eb G#/F Bb/G

I'll bring the sun and i will chase the rain

G# G#/Bb

If i needed to

G# Gm

Those maybe ways of mine

Cm Fm

But i've been down that road so many times

G# G#/Bb

And if you'll depend on me


Then maybe you'll see


Eb G#/F Bb/G G# Eb

You cant stop a river from flowing to the sea

Eb C# Cm Bm G#

Somethings just happen like their meant to be

G# Ebm/F# Fm

And it doesn't matter where are or where you go or what you do

G# Eb

You cant stop my heart from loving you

Lead into Verse2: Eb G# (x2)

Eb G#/F Bb/G

There is a dream I keep alive.,


G# G#/Bb

Wonderful and heavenly standing by


Your side.


Bringing you all the colours love can

Bb/G G# G#/Bb

Spare just to be with you.

G# Gm

And there may have been times when i


Should have been there to hold you


Through the night.

Gm G#

And if you depend upon me, then


Maybe you'll see.



Cm Gm Fm G#

I've been miles away(echo) but I'm paying My dues,

Fm Gm

But don't worry I won't blame you for a minute, no way no.

G# G#/B Eb

I wont blame you this time, please.


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