Acorde de Can't Change Me - Chris Cornell

Letra de Can't Change Me

1) F*= is the chord which you must play regular F with your forefinger (indexfinger) not

but should press C in B string... (i mean the first note in B string... It is easy...

other way of telling, like Fmaj7 but added C in A string... Ok?) If it is all hard for

press C for F* (I know that it is more similar with F but it is C added F and C chord

better)... But i suggest you to learn it... Because a lot of group uses that chord...

you may remember that chord from first chord of "Coldplay-Don't Panic"... ta taaaa... :o)

2) I suggest you to play F** chord like this=Prepare your hand for D chord position.

slide your fingers (i mean slide the D chord) 3 fret right (if you are left-handed like me,

3 fret left)... This is also another F chord (with upper tone)... It sounds real...

if you think it is hard (it is really not!) play regular F...

All other chords are easy as pie... Do little practice for playing it and then everyone

see you as a guitar hero... :o)

Okie dokie, Let's start then!!!

Am C G6 Fmaj7

She can do anything at all

C G6 Dm Am

Have anything she pleases

Am C G6 Fmaj7

The power to change what she thinks is wrong

C G6 Dm Am

So what could she want with me? (yeah)

F* E

But wait, just, one minute here



I can see that she's trying to read me

Fm (hit one time)

(Suddenly I know)

C G Am E7

She's going to change the world (x3)

F E Am

But she can't change me

F E Am

No she can't change me

After second part (it is same as before), the end of refrain:

F E Am

.....But she can't change me


No she can't (no she can't) change me

F** Am C G C

Suddenly I can see everything that's wrong, with me (yeah)

F** Am E


But what can I do? I'm the only thing I really have, at all

Solo part is same as the first singing part ("she can do anything at all" part...)

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Discos en los que aparece este acorde: Euphoria Morning , Chris Cornell (Deluxe Edition)

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