Acorde de Call The Man - Celine Dion

Letra de Call The Man

Intro: F  Bb  Eb  Ab (repete) 

Bb F Gm Eb Cm7

Close the door shut the world away all the

Bb F

fight's gone from this wounded heart

Bb F Gm Eb Cm7

Across the floor dreams and shadows play like


wind blown refugees


Dm7 Gm Cm7 F Dm7

Call the man who deals in love beyond repair

Gm Cm7 F Dm7

he can heal the world of hearts in need of care

Gm Cm7 F Dm Eb

Shine a light ahead when the next step isn'tclear

Cm7 F Bb Eb

Call the man he's needed here...


Eb Bb

...needed in the chaos and confusion from the plains to city hall

Eb Bb

needed where the proud who walk the wire are set to fall....

Guitar solo chords: F Ebmaj7 Bb Cm7 Bb Gm Eb

Bb F

Verso2: I close my eyes, I remember when your sweet

love filled this empty room

The tears I cry won't bring it back again, unless the

lonely star should fall

Chorus2: Oh call the man

who deals in once upon a time

maybe he can mend this broken heart of mine

shine a light up ahead, now tha future isn't clear

call the man, he's needed here

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