Acorde de Atomic - Tiger Army

Letra de Atomic

Intro: Db E F Ab (2x)

Bb   					      Db Eb Db C
At the end of the world, suddenly I feel alive
Bb							Db Eb Db C
There's nothing in the world like a Southern California night
Gb			     A			     Bb
I always hoped that someday, everything would be all right
Bb		    A
And now someday has arrived tonight

(Intro again)

Db        E     A                      F
(WOAH HOO HOAO) We're speeding through the city tonight
Db        E     A                      F
(WOAH HOO HOAO)We'll hit this town just like a bomb
Db        E     A                      F
(WOAH HOO HOAO)For this one moment, this world is ours
Db        E     A                      F(stop abruptly)
(WOAH HOO HOAO)And still we're waiting, for the atomic 

Db  Ab
     FIRE!!!!!! (repeat those chords 2 more times without FIRE!!!)

(chords are same as above)

Verse 2:
Black palm trees sway, they whisper to the purple sky

Close your eyes and feel the ghosts of Hollywood gone by

Still the dreamers come, still the dreams are left to die

Behind the lights a necropolis lies


Db  Ab
(repeat those chords 2 more times without FIRE!!! end abruptly on Ab)

Letra subida por: Anónimo

Discos en los que aparece este acorde: Iii: Ghost Tigers Rise

El acorde de Atomic de Tiger Army es una versión de la canción original realizada por colaboradores/usuarios de Coveralia.

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