Acorde de Artifact #1 - Conor Oberst

Letra de Artifact #1

G                               Bm
What would it take to gain acceptance

G                          Bm
to the grounds behind your eyes

Em                          Bm
You know I´m open to suggestions

A                           D
the one you made we never tried

Bm                             F#m
You let it silp right out from under

D                                   G
your breath and it rolled around my head

Bm                      G
It was nothing I´d consider

A                        D
I knew It had to happen then

G                            Bm
Stood on the banks of the Potomac

G                           Bm
we watched the waters rushing by

Em                               Bm
you said we should live in the moment

A                           D
then I missed you all the time

Bm                          F#m
And I know no one will belive me

D                           G
but I don´t want a second chance

Bm                   G
to be an object of desire

A                                      D
if that means slipping through your hands

Bm           A               D
If I had tried to make you mine

A                       D
you would have walked away

Bm                          A
Life can´t compete with memories

G                     D
they never have to change

G                                Bm
This world if full of missing persons

Bm                           G
I love those unsolved mysteries

Em                               Bm
if someone says they know for certain

A                                D
they are selling something certainly

Bm                         F#m
So when I set my self to wonder

D                          G
All the questions that remain

Bm                       G
the only one that even matters

 A                          D
is when I´ll see yourself again

Bm              A             D
I keep looking back for artifacts

A                       D
to prove that you were here

Bm                          F#m
the sound that´s been keeps echoing

G                D
it never disappears

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