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My loveI'll never find the words, my loveTo tell you how I feel, my loveMere words could not explainPrecious loveYou held my life within your handsCreated everything I amTaught me how to live againOnly youCared when I needed a friendBelieved in me through thick and thinThis song is for youFilled with gratitude and loveGod bless youYou make me feel brand newFor God blessed me with youYou make me feel brand newhttp://www.coveralia.com/letras/you-make-me-feel-brand-new-simply-red.php
I sing this song 'cause youMake me feel brand newMy loveWhenever I was insecureYou built me up and made me sureYou gave my pride back to mePrecious friendWith you I'll always have a friendYou're someone who I can dependTo walk a path that never endsWithout youMy life has no meaning or rhymeLike notes to a song out of timeHow can I repayYou for having faith in me

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