Letra de Xtraloveable - Prince

Letra de canción de Xtraloveable de Prince lyrics

Hey, sugar
I know it’s been a minute
But I got to, I got to get up
Come on
Let’s talk about what you got

I don’t think you understand
It makes me
Can I talk a lil’ bit, oh

Baby, you got something that would make
A many brother mighty proud
I gotta say it loud (I got to say it loud)
You got a dozen little sexy tricks
That a dozen cities in this U.S. won’t, won't even allow
Never do you boast like the other chicks
Who think they’re fine and loved, said loved the floor
And what I dig the most is that you keep it in your hand
Until I, until I, until I want it

If ever, whenever you need someone to take a shower with
Call me up please
Extra lovable, honey don’t you wanna, don’t you wanna
Take a bath with me?

Baby, you could turn anybody on, I wait my turn however long
Even if it takes eternity
Time can pass away but every day I make a play
Just hear you say the same about me
Baby, I know my rap is strong
Not as strong as your perfume
That’s ok, I like it
Not as much as I would like a chance to see you dancing naked
Oh, I’d really want to see you dance

Sugar baby, you’re so fine
But see, you had me meet between the lines
Might be kinda popular but if you want, I’m yours
You can ask what we’re gonna do
I think you’d better shut the door

You know what I’m talking about, baby
Oh, let me hear you say
Come on

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