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On the night the darkness fellAcross the naked landA demon force was summoned upFrom the bowels of hellThe stench of death grew thick that nightWe knew it was the endWe run to find a place to hideThe land was raped and bareThe wind it blows and eerie coldA fog that never liftsTheir tears will flood the land tonightAnd the thunder's drowned by screamsAs I lay hereFreezing veins of iceWhat will be for meWhat will be the priceIs it what they sayIs it written on the wallsWhy can't we stophttp://www.coveralia.com/letras/written-on-the-walls-iced-earth.php
This shattered world's fateWhy didn't we try at allArmageddon town life is goneWe knew it was the wayWritten down so long agoImplanted in our mindsOur fathers told us of this hellThey read it on the wallsIt's written on the wallsIt's written on the wallsThe frightened children know not whyAnd no one will explainWe've brought it all upon ourselvesAn ending to this worldForgiveness for your soul you prayBut it's written on the walls

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