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Letra de canción de Wounded Heart de Bonnie Raitt lyrics

Wounded heart I cannot save you from yourselfThough I wanted to be brave, it never helped.‘Cause your trouble’s like a flood raging through your veinsNo amount of love’s enough to end the painTenderness and time can heal a right gone wrong,but the anger that you feel goes on and on.And it’s not enough to know that I love you stillSo I’ll take my heart and go for I’ve had my fillhttp://www.coveralia.com/letras/wounded-heart-bonnie-raitt.php
InstrumentalIf you listen you can hear the angel’s wingsUp above our heads so near they are hoveringWaiting to reach out for love when it falls apartWhen it cannot rise above a wounded heart.When it cannot rise above a wounded heart.

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