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Letra de canción de Will You Be There (Single Version) de Michael Jackson lyrics

(Angel's intro)(Piano intro)Hold meLike the River JordanAnd I will then say to theeYou are my friendCarry meLike you are my brotherLove me like a motherWill you be there?When wearyTell me will you hold meWhen wrong, will you mold meWhen lost will you find me?But they told meA man should be faithfulAnd walk when not ableAnd fight till the endBut I'm only humanEveryone's taking control of meSeems that the world's got a role for meI'm so confused will you show to meYou'll be there for meAnd care enough to bear me(Hold me)Hold me(Lay your head lowly)Lowly(Softly then boldly)Yeah(Carry me there)I'm only a human(Lead me)Hold me(Love me and feed me)Yeah, yeah(Kiss me and free me)Yeah(I will feel blessed)I'm only a human(Carry)Carry(Carry me boldly)Carry(Lift me up slowly)Yeahhttp://www.coveralia.com/letras/will-you-be-there-(single-version)-michael-jackson.php
(Carry me there)I'm only a human(Save me)Lead me(Heal me and bathe me)Lift me up, lift me up(Softly you'll say to me)(I will be there)I'll be there(Lift me)Hold me, yeah(Lift me up slowly)(Carry me boldly)Yeah(Show me you care)I'll be there(Hold me)(Lay your head lowly)I get lonely sometimes(Softly then boldly)I get lonely, yeah, yeah(Carry me there)Carry me there(Need me)(Love me and feed me)Lift me up, hold me up(Kiss me and free me)Lift me up sometime, up sometime(I will feel blessed)YeahIn our darkest hourIn my deepest despairWill you still care?Will you be there?In my trials and my tribulationsThrough our doubts and frustrationsIn my violenceIn my turbulenceThrough my fear and my confessionsIn my anguish and my painThrough my joy and my sorrowIn the promise of another tomorrowI'll never let you partFor you're always in my heart

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