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I'd like to talk to y'all tonightAbout the bluesBrothers:The blues?Yea the bluesDont nobody have the blues like i haveI may be young but i know what its all aboutAnd this is how it went downI met a girl at school one dayduring in the sandboxOlder Brothers:sandbox?!We toasted our love during milk breakolder Brothers:aw manI gave her my COOKIES!Marlon:Come on Mike!We fell out during singin' planSo one day, I stepped up to her and i saidWheeeeeeen I had you (had you)I treated you baaaaaaad and wrong my dear And girl since, since you went away(chorus) Don't you know I sit around With my head hanging down And I wonder who's lovin' you http://www.coveralia.com/letras/who-s-loving-you-michael-jackson.php
I,I,I,I should have never, ever ever made you cry And and girl since yer since you been gone (chorus)(bridge) Life with out love, huh... It's oh so lonely I don't think, I don't think! I'm gonna make it All my life, all my life baby yeah I've been lost to you only Come on & take it girl Come on & take it, because.... All, all I can do, all I can do since you've been gone is cry And don't you ever wonder or worry your head of what i do (chorus )(vocalizes)who's loving you Older brother singing in backgrond:who's loving youI,I,I gotta know yeaI,I,I,I,I wonderOlder brother singing in backgrond:who's loving youwho loving you,come on baby ohhh oh yea babywho's loving you oh! oh! oh! OH YEA

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