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Letra de canción de Welcome To The Overground de Badly Drawn Boy lyrics

Start your fires
This is the overground
It's inside us
Welcome to the overground
You need reminding
Remember this is your destiny

Think of what's in front of you now
Not of what's been left behind
Come on, saviour
Save us now there is no time to rewind

Simple pleasures, to be found
If you reach the overground
Sunshine, rainfall, making love
You see a rainbow
The streets are changing now
Try other avenues
Make a new map of the world
Decide on where to go

Suddenly, we sense a new day
The feeling just comes over you
No false gods left for us to pray to
Darling, it's just me and you

Sunshine, rainfall
Make a rainbow
Please don't follow us
You mean so much to us
Start your fires
This is the overground
Sunshine, rainfall
You see a rainbow
Streets of fire
Try other avenues
It's inside us
Welcome to the overground

If we go our separate ways
The road will lead us back around
Even in a matter of days
We'll see you on the overground

Journey from A to B

I measured the distance from Heaven to Hell
How will we do only time will tell
Oh when you stop worrying
What anyone says doesn't mean a thing

Just tell me you're feeling it
And you're not disbelieving it

I'll pay you in kind or silver and gold
I want to ignore all the stories untold
Make me an offer I cannot refuse
You know if I win then that means you lose

Just say you believe in it
That you're not, not feeling it

Dwelling on the memories
Is such a waste of energy
It's simple when you see it in front of you
On walls, in bedrooms

Hold you're head up higher
Don't tell me you're not strong enough
If your journey's over
I hope you feel that I am the one
Only time will tell

Just say you'll be loving me
For an eternity

Oh I feel tired of all of these games
Everywhere, everything is the same
Tell me you'll promise you might come with me
The start of a Journey from A to B

I'll be happy to carry you
Even though I know I haven't got the strength to hold you
I need you more than ever before
If our journey's over
I hope that you will find someone who will love you more

Now not for the first time
What I want might not be mine
If you say you won't come along
Then I know I can't go it alone

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