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Letra de canción de Weathercock de Jethro Tull lyrics

Good morning Weathercock: How did you fare last night
Did the cold wind bite you, did you face up the fright
When the leaves spin from October and whip around your tail
Did you shake from the blast, did you shiver through the gale?
Give us direction: the best of goodwill
Put us touch with fair winds.
Sing to us softly, hum evening's song
Tell us what the blacksmith has done for you.
Did you simply reflect changes in the patterns of the sky.
Or is it true to say the weather heeds the twinkle in your eye?
Do you fight the rush of winter, do you hold snowflakes at bay,
Do you fight the dawn sun from the fields and help him on his way?
Good morning Weathercock: make this day bright.
Put us in touch wich fair winds.
Sing to us softly, hum evening's song
Point the way to better days we can share with you.

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