Letra de We're All In - Josh Abbott Band

Letra de canción de We're All In de Josh Abbott Band lyrics

Verse 1
You really worked me tonight when you shot that look in your eyes.
Placed your cards down, said you were "tired of dancing around."
Well baby I do agree, its time that we both see
What we've been holding all this time.

We're all in, we got nothing to lose,
Just two hearts tired of being abused.
We can take one chance tonight,
Put our chips in for one last fight.
But the only way we win is if we're all in.

Verse 2
I thought I was on a roll til I got spent out of control.
You put me in my place with the queen of hearts stamped on your face.
Baby let's double down, put our heads close to the ground.
I don't guess we're stopping now.

Baby I'm so tired of playing your games.
I've nothing left to give but all my shame.

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