Letra de Waiting - Madonna

Letra de canción de Waiting de Madonna lyrics

Well, I know from experience
That if you have to ask for something more than once or twice
It wasn´t yours in the first place
And that´s hard to accept when you love someone
And you´re led to believe in their moment of need
That they want what you want but they don´t
Don´t go breaking my heart like you said you would
Baby, you´re no good
And you hurt me like no other lover ever could
Don´t go making me cry
You´re gonna say goodbye
Baby, tell me why
Tell me why or you´re gonna have to justify this
[Chorus (substituting "This" for "I´m" in 2nd line):]
Waiting for you
I´m waiting
Can´t you see I´m waiting for you
Don´t break my heart
[repeat chorus]
It was so easy in the beginning
When you didn´t feel like running from your feelings like you are now
What happened? What do I remind you of?
Your past, your dreams
Or some part of yourself that you just can´t love?
I wish I could believe you
Or at least have the courage to leave you
Life has taught me that love with a man like you
Is only gonna make me blue
But I love you anyway no matter what you do
You don´t come around here like you did before
When you did adore
Tell me what I did to deserve this
[chorus, substituting "Just" for "I´m" in 2nd line]
Finally I see a different man
Only love can hurt like this can
Finally I see a different face
Tell me who is going to take my place
I knew it from the start that you would desert me
You´re gonna break my heart
Baby, please don´t hurt me
[chorus, repeat]
I knew it from the start that you would desert me
You´re gonna break my heart
Baby, please don´t hurt me
Break my heart
Don´t break my heart
[repeat twice]
Break my heart
You broke my heart [repeat twice]
Uh, next time you want pussy, huh
Just look in the mirror baby

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