Letra de Valour - Pure Reason Revolution

Letra de canción de Valour de Pure Reason Revolution lyrics

Columns of safire
Embroil me with ashes
A creed from the kingdom
A lie to confess
With a head like the cruel & diseased
As we climb to the edge of young rulers unfolding new lives
Burn away bridge upon waves
And cast me in circles
As pieces unfold for the plan
We'll have pure truth

For I am a vulture
Unscathed by the wounds
That appeared from a swing of the knife to the flesh
And the headlines are cruel fallacies
In decline on the edge
Now the rulers are unfolding their lies
Fire away wave upon wave
Outcast we're encircled
At peace? We're alone, fire hell
Turn away, away

There were no dead where you left us
This is the warning for valour
We've all known loss here
God in extremis
I'm so scared
I just can't breathe

Breathe with Chimeras
She lay with Chimeras

Condemn & fracture
Destroy with no compassion
Or fear for the kill
Purify if I'm next
And ahead lies a cruel pyre scene
That will haunt to the end of the rue
Now they're holding the lines
Burn away grave upon grave
We're past retribution
Deceased in belief
No repent
Burn away, away

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