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Letra de canción de Twisted de Luis Fonsi lyrics

I know everything you´re doin babyand I know every game you´re runninYou must think that I am blindCause it´s right before my eyesSo don´t get it twisted babyDon´t say that I got it wrongCause there´s just no way out for you this timeAnd don´t say that our love is strongCause we both know you want to crawlBack under the rock you came fromAnd hide awayI´m telling you got it twisted babyCause you´re not the one who I´ll be missinI´m not broken up this timeGot another one in mindSo don´t get it twisted babySee I´m not just gonna sit and take this ladyAnd I´m not gonna let you play mehttp://www.coveralia.com/letras/twisted-luis-fonsi.php
So don´t even try and fightCause you´re gonna only lose tonightSo don´t get it twisted babyIt won´t be too longTill you´re wonderin´How you got yourself left behindIt won´t be too longTill I´m watching you crawlBack under the rock you came fromTo hide awayYou know it´s time for me to rearrangeWhat was between you and ISo don´t think that you can justPlay your lies awayI´ve thrown your love away

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