Letra de Touch - Romeo's Daughter

Letra de canción de Touch de Romeo's Daughter lyrics

Within the body of a woman
Lies the heart of a man
It's a feat of engineering,
you could never understand

So tell me all your secrets
and I'll tell you all my lies
I've been walking with the angels
I've been talking in my sleep

An electric conversation,
pins and needles in my feet
It's a good old fascination,
with a twisted combination

Oh oh, oh oh, we can catch the lightning
Oh oh, oh oh, it's the perfect crime
Why, oh why does it hurt so bad
when we touch too much
Why, oh why does it feel so good
when we touch too much

You can follow every instinct
You can fight the best you can
It's not easy when you're dancing
holding someone else's hand
I've got nothing more to tell you
I’ve got nothing more to say

Chorus x 2

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