Letra de Tommyknockers - Blind Guardian

Letra de canción de Tommyknockers de Blind Guardian lyrics

(Lead: Andre)
She's opening here eyes
to find the thing
by a touch she's lost
it's waiting for her a long time
the kingdom's lost
cause there's one nail missing
playing with fire
turn of the light
and she'll fall down
playing with her life
but she can't leave it
there's one rhyme in her brain
(Lead: Andre)
Oh, last night and the night before
Tommyknockers, Tommyknockers
knocked at your back door
(Lead: Andre)
The pain in my head
the cycle awakes
I'm on my way to Oz
I want to drink and she wants to dig
she's in trouble oh I know
there's something going wrong
Tommyknockers on their way
What's up in "Leighton Street"?
(Lead: Andre)
I'm the hero, I'm back
with weapons and with magic spells
I'll seddle every task
an old, ill and drunken guy
(Lead: Andre)
The moon is full of blood
I've found her not, not far from home
I should better get away from here
she's on her way to be another one
playing with fire
she can read my thoughts
it's too late
playing with her life
Tommyknockers brought her trouble
(Solo: Andre)
The ship in the earth I touch
a vibration is filling me
and music in my head
nose is bleeding
and my fall down
filled me up with pain
you'll be like a Tommyknocker
I'll be like you
but there's something going wrong
I read it in your face
Tommyknockers knocked at your back door
Tommyknockers knocked at your back door

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