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Letra de canción de To Make My Father Proud de Michael Jackson lyrics

To make my father proudTo make my mother smileI need no conquered worlds, a flameNot set, the paceful styleIf I can follow throughOh, love think wavely me as my tearsI'll find the way to sell my clothesAvoiding ships a fussIf I don't come up, number oneI'll stand not well apartAs one for numbered numbersWhen knowing in my heartI dare not to be doneTo always do my bestBy listening to me, myselfhttp://www.coveralia.com/letras/to-make-my-father-proud-michael-jackson.php
So he can do or else(Of without compromise, Shall follow the feel of constant care) In my eleven hourI'll be a man the wayTo face whatever force my wayPrepared that are a shameTo just recall the part of guideFor which I have been namedA man and a woman's youngest sonWho are growing still a childAnd that will make my father proudAnd make my mother smile... (Proud)

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