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Letra de canción de Through Smudged Lenses de Dark Tranquillity lyrics

Let none be themselvesTurn of the century lies not within the othersTurn on the watchful eyeThe blindness ends tonightShelter for the shattered in unison we striveDore to disassociate and cut the binds that tie abstractualize furtherTo the ends of facts and foeWill it out of meaning as silence speaks the truthI want to hear your screamI want to see you stand atop the patheon of fictionAnd your failure grasping for a hiding place among indifferent stonesA brief reflection it sets the soul apartNo selectionIt tears our world apartThese walls are protecting ushttp://www.coveralia.com/letras/through-smudged-lenses-dark-tranquillity.php
Burn them to the groundThis haven of refugeBurn it to the groundSo smudge the lens a littleMuffle the voice phase out of sound a while and let it goCitizens of choice in a twilight world of your designLeft to our devices we stumble onBurn it to the groundNo firewall will save youBurn it to the groundTake me to the keep and bare the darkest voidThousand fold the agony of silenced screamsAlone tune right out of staticExorcise the dark how else can we move on

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