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Letra de canción de The Weekend de Steve Wariner lyrics

A couple of days, isn't a very long time.
Why can't I just walk away,
I used to be good at goodbye.
But out on the water,
Under the stars,
I let the moonlight play a trick on my heart.

You had some fun for the weekend.
But I'll be in love for the rest of my life.
You took me out to the deep end,
And I fell right over,
I didn't think twice.
I finally got something worth keepin'.
And if I can't have you tonight,
At least I had the weekend.

The radio plays, the sound of the waves rollin' in.
The smell of the night,
Sure can get under your skin.
Just for a moment,
I held you too close.
Now I'm all out of time, and I don't wanna let go.


How much can happen in a night or two?
I guess it's all depending on your point of view.

(Chorus x2)

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