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Letra de canción de The Way You Move de Lura lyrics

I've been watching you
For a very long time
Trying to get with you
Doing all I can to make you be mine

I know it's just a matter of time
Before you realize that I'm all about you
Baby you're just so fine
Hmm! The way you move blows my mind

The way you move
The way you groove
That makes me give it all
To you baby

Is the way you shake
Shake your bum bum bum
That makes me go crazy
For your body

I can feel you dancing for me
All the right moves that makes me want
You move
I know you wnat mr too
The way you do it to the music is how i want
To feel

Come on home whith me
Condle light more and more awaiting fot you to
I'll show you what I have for you
Love like mine I know you never had

I can wait until tonight for the moment to be right
Take you in my arms love you all night long
In the morning feel you close, your body next to mine
Oh baby feel so good to have you finally, all that
I want

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