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Letra de canción de The Ultimate Sacrifice de Christopher Lee lyrics

They came without warning
They destroyed our rear guard

The end will still be upon us
But we'll stand and fight real hard

The threat of death
The threat of death
We shall have no fear

The threat of death
The threat of death
The time, the hour is here

Our mighty Christian Lands
Are under dire threat
If they kill the chosen one
Our empire no longer will be left

Francia needs a leader
For our Lord Charlemgne we fight
We'll sacrifice our lives for him
And resist with all our might

Paladins, Paladins
Together we raise our swords
Paladins, Paladins
Lightning, steel and more

For years we stood together
Fighting back to back
Now what is it you ask me?

That I run away and hide

Death I am not afraid of
But I do not understand
Francia needs their King now
Not just an epitaph

He must escape the carnage
He must stay alive
We'll cleave a pathway for him
To safety he will ride

Paladins, Paladins
Our name imparts fear
Paladins, Paladins
Death draws ever near

If they want to rule us
Charlemagne they must kill
We'll defend this reign together
We know it is God's will

No mortal man could have wished for
So brave and trustful Knights
They fought and gave their lives
For me and our empire
In death they made
The ultimate sacrifice.

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