Letra de The Sins Of Memphisto - John Prine

Letra de canción de The Sins Of Memphisto de John Prine lyrics

From the bells of St MaryTo the Count of Monte CristoNothing can stopNothing can stopNothing can stopThe sins of MemphistoSally used to play with her hula hoopsNow she tells her problems to therapy groupsGrampa's on the front lawn staring at a rakeWondering if his marriage was a terrible mistakeI'm sitting on the front steps drinking orange crushWondering if it's possible if I could still blushUh huh Oh yeahA boy on a bike with courduroy slacksSleeps in the river by the railroad tracksHe waits for the whistle on the train to screamSo he can close his eyes and begin to dreamhttp://www.coveralia.com/letras/the-sins-of-memphisto-john-prine.php
Uh huh Oh yeahThe hands on his watch spin slowly aroundWith his mind on a bus that goes all over townLooking at the babies and the factoriesAnd listening to the music of Mister SqueezeAs if by magic or remote controlHe finds a piece of a puzzleThat he missed in his soulUh huh Oh yeahAdam and Eve and Lucy and RickyBit the big apple and got a little stickyEsmeralda and the Hunchback of Notre DameThey humped each other like they had no shameThey paused as they posed for a Polaroid photoShe whispered in his ear "Exactly Odo Quasi Modo"

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