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Letra de canción de The Power Of Love de Celine Dion lyrics

The whispers in the morningOf lovers sleeping tightAre rolling like thunder nowAs I look in your eyesI hold on to your bodyAnd feel each move you makeYour voice is warm and tenderA love that I could not forsake(first chorus)'Cause I am your ladyAnd you are my manWhenever you reach for meI'll do all that I canLost is how I'm feeling lying in your armsWhen the world outside's tooMuch to takeThat all ends when I'm with youEven though there may be timeshttp://www.coveralia.com/letras/the-power-of-love-celine-dion.php
It seems I'm far awayNever wonder where I am'Cause I am always by your side(repeat first chorus)(second chorus)We're heading for somethingSomewhere I've never beenSometimes I am frightenedBut I'm ready to learnOf the power of loveThe sound of your heart beatingMade it clearSuddenly the feeling that I can't go onIs light years away(repeat first chorus)(repeat second chorus)

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