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Letra de canción de The Last de Underoath lyrics

These fingers, so frail, paint in my mind;
Scars down the back of my eyes.
Death walks with me alone tonight...
The coldness whispers, "It's almost near;
Rest, for soon it will be over!"
Years flash before me, and I understand why I'm here...
No one will ever know, as the pictures come clear.
"Don't worry," they tell me, "this feeling won't last forever!"
Voices beating their drums in my heart.
The water looks so peaceful below, and the struggle lets go;
Climbing over the wall of life's edge;
Leaving behind the smiles of yesterday.
The light that shined has vanished to a grayscale of night.
Tears once present; now look into the dryness inside.
Silent words enter the sky,
screamed from this body as a reply;
And these words begin to write:
"Dear Lord, if these break the earth
and enter your courts, save me tonight!"
Time is short, and the hurt of death grows with every breath
Here I am at the end.
This wall that blocked you out for so long opens wide,
and I begin to burn from the inside.
I'll never forget that night;
The night Jesus Christ made the blackness white!

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