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Letra de canción de The Last Song de Persephone lyrics

I came to you in my darkest hour
We used to know each other well
My last journey led to you
You're the only one I trust

In my eyes you'll read the saddest story
I lost all aims in life
And paid my price with loneliness
I'm tired of fighting my desires

I forgot all songs I used to sing
I only remember the pain they caused
Each note seeemed to tear my mind apart
Take the agony away

In your hands I lay my tortured soul
In your hands I lay my voice
Please, hear my final request:
Save the last song!

For too long you weren't beside me
For too long you couldn't lead me
I'm losing my stability
And sometimes I'm losing my mind
I reach out my hands in the dark
But no one seems to see me
I scream into the dead of night

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