Letra de Thanks For Leaving - Alexandra Stan

Letra de canción de Thanks For Leaving de Alexandra Stan lyrics

We crashed & burned
A lesson learned
We fell head first,
Silly us, so stupid
Our lines got blurred
We walked into the fire
Knowing we'd get burned!


But now my love has turned to hate
And I won't spend another day with you inside my head
I know that we all make mistakes
'Cause you're the biggest price I've paid
And now I'm paying off that debt, ooh


Go on! sent your packing
So long! you've been slacking
We're so out of reasons
Thank you for leaving!
My heart's been re-listed
You have been evicted
You're out, I'm spring cleaning
So thank you, and
Thanks for leaving!

I broke my rules
Let you play me fool
Thought I was so cool
Silly me, so stupid
How could you be so cruel
Turned me into be a liar
Things I said I'd never do



Every crack in the wall it reminds me of all the hundred
million reasons
I put down my gloves
I can't believe this was real!
And the picture that still sits by the fire place
Every time I had to see your little stupid face
I don't think I can deal


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