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Keep on walkin' that road and I'll followKeep on callin' my name I'll be thereAnd if a mirror should break it's easy to takeCause deep down I know that you careI'm not superstitiousI'm not superstitious, I have no doubtThat there's a reason, how things turn outWhile things are changin' from day to dayI'll keep this feelin' with me all the wayAnd I want you to knowThat you're on my mindEvery day, all of the timeSo keep on walkin' that road and I'll follow...There might be times of wonderhttp://www.coveralia.com/letras/superstitious-europe.php
When I'm on my ownTryin' to find out if love has goneIt might make a differenceIt might bring me downBut no superstition is gonna turn things aroundAnd I want you to know...So keep on walkin'...So keep on walkin' and we'll make things rightYeah, keep on dreamin' each and every nightWe're gonna make it, that's what we'll doRight to the end girl, we're gonna walk on throughSo keep on walkin'...

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