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Letra de canción de Sunset Driver (Demo) de Michael Jackson lyrics

All alone she's in the ego zoneThe word is out that you're doing wrongOn the move got fire in your shoesBy word of mouth you are on the newsYou're living on sunset time(Uuh)Feeling badYou're living much too fastThe truth, the truth that you're on the passIn the raw they don't know what you sawFrom word of mouth you're breaking every lawCHORUSSunset DriverMidnight riderFriday's brighterMorning riderYou're a Saturday nighter (aaw)On the goGot fever in your soulYou better not shout where you gonna goLiving hot, doing what you should notThe break is on me then what do you gotWe're living on sunset time(Want that dime)Shoot the breezeYou feel that she's the teaseYour night is free what you wanna beWho's to trust when living dangerousTonight is your night but this is what you looseCHORUSSunset DriverMidnight riderhttp://www.coveralia.com/letras/sunset-driver-(demo)-michael-jackson.php
Friday's brighterGetting higherYou're a Saturday nighter (aaw)(uuh)(pah dah dah dah)You are there when the night's in townStanding there with the top of the roundThey don't care about the things you used to sayYou're like the cinemaYou think there's nothing wrongGoing townYou do it every timeThe word's got out that you're on the lineOn the moonGotta fever in your shoesThe night's on youWhat are you gonna do?CHORUSSunset DriverMidnight riderFriday's brighterGot to reach that driverYou're a Saturday nighter (aaw)(pah dah dah dah dah)(hee hee hee)(aah) (pah dah dah)(uuh)(hee)(uuh)(hee)(uuh)(hee)

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