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Letra de canción de Sunny Kim de Andre Nickatina lyrics

I think this is fairly accurate, but there are some mistakes if some wishes to correct them.
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Tales of two andres...

With the money and the drugs I can't resist
Like a frog princess that needs a woman's kiss
The way I get down is a tragedy
They say, "Yeah nigger, Your Majesty"
Mind goin' blind in the whim
Cover my eyes with the front of my brim
My still is the lady, yeah sun duck kim
I'ma say it right here
Why you fuckin' with him?
Why you fuckin' with him?
I'm a jewel-lord jim
Like somethin' that's priceless worn by Isis
Blowin' on weed in the eye of the storm
Gettin' snuck in the back of girl's college dorms
Homie now what?
Roll this blunt.
Nigga watcha drinkin' out your new pimp cup?
Alcohol yeah, with a little cranberry
Hit it long enough it start to taste like cherry
I'm in the door
Blow on the horn
These freaks be thinkin' that I'ma Capricorn
Man in a whim
I tip my brim
Still laxing kim, why ch'ou fuckin' with him?
Why you fuckin with him?
Pass the joint
Fillmoe Lakeview Hunter's point
24/7 there's junk to sell
An' no fairy tale
An' I wish you well
Because when I make bail
It's like the flames of hell
Or bullet shells that tip the scale
Or be washed around
Cause it's electric
You can detect it
You mother fecked it
It's gettin' kind of hectic
He's gettin' kind of restless
Mother fuckers out there say dat he's the bestest
I rides around in my car,
thinkin' about money and ménage a trios
No I'm not a star
Blaze this fly
Me and my nigga talk shit at the bar
Nah freak you can't braid my hair
So you can have me outta line like Huggy Bear?
I got clothes to wear
That don't compare
I get a flat, get a new car
Fuck a Spare
In my fresh new keen, nicky underwear
Ya pipe for a vine?
Little sher khan says "why smoke vine, it doesn't hurt your moms
And it keeps me calm
And that's how I'm God"

You gotta keep it sticky like Charlotte's Web
Blow a sack on a track, on a baller's bed
Hold out your hand baby, I'll read your palm
Like Kymo don,
My game is on
There're 32 papers in a zig-zag pack
It take two hos to make one track
They say Huey Newton took two in the back
What's up with that?
My dialog is in the rap catalog
And tell the grim reaper you'll catch the God
So fresh. (So fresh) So clean, (So clean)
You'll see Nicky T on flight six-14
Like Billy Sims I tip my brim
And Sunny Kim, why you fuckin' with him?
Across state, 'cross county lines
In your alpine is the master mind
Picture my Van Gough, Your flow design
You wanna hear a cat rhyme that I hope is mine
Come here, yeah baby is my open line
You gotta pretty face
Dis' Pisces Hyphee
Gin and coke Wu-tang in the Nikes
I could never cheat the game in my life, see?
O-khan I react like a Pikie
My ki'
Then Sunny called, Did you hear the phone
Because a real rap lord's been left a long
It's like rap-capone
With dallas chrome
Or Love Jones all in your bones
Treat a girl like a freak, then send her home
Like a ice-cream cone
My heart is cold
I'm kind of bold

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