Letra de Sunday School Rock - Carman

Letra de canción de Sunday School Rock de Carman lyrics

Listen up now ya'll, I'm gonna try and reach ya
Class is now in session, pay attention to the teacher
We're goin' through the Book, Genesis to Revelation
I'll teach your head how to spread salvation to the nation

We'll start with the basics, a checklist for the saints
Love the Lord with all your heart and mind and soul and strength
To fear the Lord is wisdom, to serve the Lord divine
To really break it down just repeat these words of mine


I love Jesus! (I love Jesus!)
Yes I do! (Yes I do!)
I love Jesus! (I love Jesus!)
How 'bout you? (How 'bout you?)
I love Jesus, yes I do
I love Jesus HOW 'BOUT YOU!

And grab your pen and paper, the lesson now begins
First up Church artillery, we are war with sin
God trains us through evangelists, apostles, prophets too
Pastors, teachers, five in all we got work to do

Discernment, tongues, interpretation, prophecy, and faith
Wisdom, knowledge, healing, miracles, yeah those are great
These gifts are like atomic bombs, they make the Word explode
But they just don't mean nothin' unless you know the code

That code is...!

(repeat chorus)

The bottom line, the way to win
Is up with Jesus, down with sin
The Word is clear, easy to see
Only Christ can set you free


Hide the Word in your heart
When you grow you won't depart
Grind the devil to the ground
Sunday School is throwing down!

(repeat chorus)

I love Jesus Yes I do!
I love Jesus (I love Jesus!)
You love Jesus (You love Jesus!)
We love Jesus (We love Jesus!)
How (How) 'bout ('bout) YOU!


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