Letra de Substance - Betrayed

Letra de canción de Substance de Betrayed lyrics

Caught in the race to get ahead
Our lives fall out of balance
And the choices made to find success
Well they start to get the best of us

The more we get the more we crave
And Nothing satisfies
So its time we quit this race
And look beyond

We search for substance
A fight to bring some meaning
To have our lives be more
Then a grain of sand lost on the beach
That’s washed away by times embrace

A fight to bring some meaning
To have our lives be more
To have our actions bring a crucial chance
That shakes the world

And the more we own, the less we have
Because the things we buy just weigh us down
And distract us from the urgency
Of the deeper quest

We want our lives to stand for something
So we search for, we search for substance
We search for substance in our lives

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