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Letra de canción de Still Waiting de Prince lyrics

All my friends tell me about the loves they've had
Can't they see what they're doing to me?
It makes me feel so bad
I'm so alone and brokenhearted
It ain't like my life is ended
But more like it never started
The love my friends rap about i keep anticipating
I try so hard but don't you know, my patience is
fading away
I'm still waiting
Waiting for the love
Still waiting
I wish on
Every star above
Still waiting, waiting for the love to come around

People say that I'm to young.....
Too young to fall in love
But they don't know
They really don't know that's all that I've been dreaming of
I spend my nights just a-crying
I spend my days just a-trying
To find that love to call my own
'Cause I'm sick and tired for being alone

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