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Letra de canción de Sometimes When We Touch de Rod Stewart lyrics

You ask me if I love youAnd I choke on my replyI'd rather hurt you honestlythan mislead you with a lieAnd who am I to judge youOn what you say or doI'm only just beginningTo see the real you(Chorus)And sometimes when we touchThe honesty's too muchAnd I have to close my eyes and hideI wanna hold you 'til I die'Til we both break down and cryI wanna hold you 'til the fear in me subsidesRomance and all its strategiesLeaves me battling with my prideBut for all the insecuritySome tenderness survivesI'm just another writerhttp://www.coveralia.com/letras/sometimes-when-we-touch-rod-stewart.php
Still trapped within my truthA hesitant prize-fighterStill trapped within my youth(Chorus)At times I'd like to break youAnd drive you to your kneesAt times I'd like to break throughAnd hold you endlesslyAt times I understand youAnd I know how hard you tryI've watched while love commands youAnd I've watched love pass you byAt times I think we're driftersStill searching for a friendA brother or a sisterAnd then the passion flares again(Chorus)

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