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Letra de canción de Scattered Leaves de The Be Good Tanyas lyrics

Don't you go looking so surprised, baby don't you look so stunnedDidn't I tell you that a cold november'd come?And deliver the leaves from green to red,To blowing in the wind stone deadWell I never used to notice this awful quiet, mmmmhAnd fall was just the calm before the next spring riot, mmmhhOf wildflowers and lunatic rivers -Sweat jumping off of the skin of love givers, mmh (in the park)Scattered leaves don't lieAw' now baby, baby, quit your cryin'Like everything that ever mattered, scit-scat scatteredLike every love word you heardBut that's just the way when you walk your dayshttp://www.coveralia.com/letras/scattered-leaves-the-be-good-tanyas.php
In the beauty of this world(repeat)Pretty little disappointments all in a rowBeen about a year since you disappeared through my doorAnd now you come back with your head on straight,But I got no love or hate left for you, girlYou must be the daughter of the late, late rose - I'm November's sonAnd I'm here to tell you, honey, ooh what's done is doneYeah, I been claimed by the wind and the rainThere ain't no going back, naw there ain't no going back again (for us now)Repeat chorus -- Scattered leaves don't lie??

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