Letra de Say Goodbye - Frankmusik

Letra de canción de Say Goodbye de Frankmusik lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I feel I'm getting closer
It's something that my body knows
But signs are coming for my head
It's from marrow in my bones
Take my hand I swear we'll make it
One last time, we gotta try
There's a place that's on my mind

We're gonna say goodbye
Say goodbye to this city
We're gonna say goodbye
Say goodbye and we'll mean it

[Verse 2:]
You will see me on the street
With the lonely faces that I'll never meet
A cannonball through the sky
My imagination at the speed of light
And now I aim for the road
Wanna lie right next to you and not wake up
Every building in my way
Help me to escape
Come on babe take me far away
Oh where nobody knows I'm me
Oh we don't have to be the same
Baby we're almost there [x3]
Yeah, yeah


[Verse 3:]
Counting on the future
Packing every bag
Taking all the money
Cause we ain't coming back
I don't know where we're going
But we don't even mind
That's someplace pretty
And leave it all behind


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